The Harp CX2 Bio Digester

The Harp CX2 Bio Digester


The Harp CX2 had a remodel recently and now has many new features. It also has the ability to digest up to 2,000 litres a week. This digester could be suitable for recycling centres, larger restaurants or Universities.

TYPE: Accelerated Aerobic Bio-digester
OPERATION: Continuous
PROCESS: Thermophilic (70ºC Nominal)
DIMENSIONS: Height 1000mm – Depth 800mm – Length 1700mm
MAX INPUT CAPACITY: 2000 Litres /week
NOMINAL OUTPUT RATE: Approx. 15-30% of input rate
POWER SUPPLY: 3 ~ 415V 16A
MOTOR: 1.1kw with Inverter Controller
OPTIONS: Remote Monitoring & Control (optional), Loader Unit, Bin Lifter, Standalone Shredder, Integrated Ozone Unit
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