Our frequently 
asked questions

What’s the digesters capacity range?

We can cater from 500l to 35l in that digester range. We also can cater for the large recycling facility range from 20t per day to 40,000+ tonnes per year.

How long does the process take in the digesters?


What organic waste can you cater for with the aerobic digesters?

Equine waste, abattoir paunch content, poultry processing waste, poultry litter waste, food waste, bakery waste, municipal organic waste and many others.

Does the waste need to be tested?

All waste streams need to be tested for m&v purposes.

What are the size ranges for Biomass installation?

Range from 47kw to 300kw but can go bigger by coupling.

What can your biomass applications cater for?

Hotels, schools, listed buildings, prisons, shopping complexes, swimming pools.

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