The Harp CX50 Bio Digester

The Harp CX50 Bio Digester

The Harp CX50 is our largest bio digester in the range. It has the ability to digest up to 50,000 litres of food waste per week.

TYPE: Accelerated Aerobic Bio-digester
OPERATION: Continuous
PROCESS: Thermophilic (70ºC Nominal)
DIMENSIONS: Height 2100mm – Width 1700mm – Length 10484mm
MAX INPUT CAPACITY: 50,000 Litres /week
NOMINAL OUTPUT RATE: Approx. 15% of input rate
POWER SUPPLY: 3phase ~ 160A isolator
MOTOR: 22kw with Inverter Controller
OPTIONS: Ozone Unit, remote monitoring access, pre-air heat treatment, automatic bin lifter, shredder.
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